Infused by LĒVO Gummy Variety Pack




Try them all! Own the complete Infused by LĒVO gummy collection with a variety four pack that comes with one bottle of each gummy type below. Grab them on the go or savor them as a special indulgence, whenever you’re in need of a little treat.

Berry Fun D9 – Strawberry + Lift (30 count)
Be Well 2:1 – Orange + Immune Support (12 count)
Positive Energy 2:1 – Acai + Energy and Clarity (12 count)
Sweet Dreams 5:1 – Blackberry + Rest (12 count)

This variety pack comes with one 12 count bottle each of Be Well, Positive Energy, and Sweet Dreams, and one 30 count bottle of Berry Fun.

Infused by LĒVO gummies are 100% vegan, pesticide-free, and heavy metal free. 


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